Conductor Dj Ntimtsios with his delightful orchestra covers live music events for weddings with perfect taste and unstoppable repertoire.

With great experience in coverage of live music at weddings in combination with perfect taste and passion for music, we guarantee the full satisfion of all the guests who will attend your wedding.

Let the party begin!

Our core band consists of 4 people (clarinet or violin, harmonium, bouzouki, vocals). It is also possible to add more musicians to the band (eg. Vocalist, another musical instrument).

The orchestra follows our repertoire we have chosen together as well as the mood of the guests during the feast.

Each geographical region of Greece differs in hearing tastes so our orchestra adjusts according to the tastes of the guests.

Additionally there is the possibility of cooperation of any desired Artist.

  • Artistic, Folk repertoire including:Vertis – Karras -Remos – Melas – Angela Dimitriou- Argiros – Paola – Zouganeli -Menidiatis – Giotis – Arseniou – Parios – Kiamos.
  • Greek Reggae : penny & the swinging cats, Locomondo, Gadio Dilo, Knock out -Vegas
  • Traditional repertoire: Kapsalis Ioannis – Pyrgaki – Bekios – Gogo Tsamba – Velissaris – Katsigianni – Siolos Spyros – Grivas- Govaris – John Constantine – Hara Verra – Agrafioti – Sava Siatras – Tzima – Pagona Athanasiou-Kyritsi-Lalezas.
  • Islands’ Traditional repertoire:- Maria Nomikos – Vazaios Giannoulis – Konitopoulos – Stelios Manolas – Legaki
  • Various Artists – Mario – Nadia Karagiannis – Babis Gkoles
  • Our company can bring any Soloist music you want – Saleas, Zervas, Pazaretzi, Chico, Kassiara, Arkadopoulos.


During the celebration

Conductor and orchestra play the first songs in the name of the couple and the relatives as well as the first dances. Our orchestra is playing usic without any stop in order to excite the guests to dance all night long in the most beautiful moment of your life.

Our basic goal is the dancefloor to be always full!

Live music rates for weddings

Saturday – Price: 650 Euro

Fri / Sun – Price: 550 Euro


  •   You can also include a Wedding DJ with special discount price of 200 Euros
    70 Euro
  • The price includes the audio equipment for up to 100 people

Conductor Ntimtsios and orchestra with vitality and responsibility for the fun guarantee you the success of Night!