Light Coverage

Our company fully covers consistently and with quick service the audio coverage of your event whether it is a wedding, baptism, conference, event, concert, etc.

Our professional equipment consists of a wide range of sound equipment and is always in perfect condition to meet your event no matter how big or small the available space is.

Our experienced technicians are adjusted according to the number of guests, the event’s space, and your wishes in audiovisual coverage.

Wedding Melodies guarantee for the excellent results sound coverage of your events.


Light Coverage


Exachroma Led (RGBWA) of 3 Watts each.

Price: 25€

Lighting Sets with 4 projectors

Includes 4 lights, tripod, LED headlights of 9W, RGB, beam aperture 15 °, control via DMX channels 3-15, Auto, Manual.

Price: 25€

Robotic scanner with 60W LEDs

High brightness (similar to high pressure 200W). It has 1 album nine colors, one disk 9 Design, gobo shaking, opening 17 °, internal microphone, weight 7,4Kg. Modes: dmx (1/7 / 8ch), master / slave, music.

Price: 50€


The CONTEST is a type LED head / Wash / Beam equipped with 7 tetrachroma LED (RGBW) of 15 Watt of OSRAM. With brightness 4200 Lux at 5 meters and 10 ° beam opening is ideal for demanding lighting applications.Price the piece.

Price: 70€


Professional Lighting, Stage / Theater Projectors from PHILIPS SELECON, theater projector with optical 15-35 degrees, designed for lamps up to 800W, with 63% more light and 27% more efficiency, excellent quality projection without shadows and color deviation.

Price: 30€


Professional Lighting, Stage / Theater Projectors from BRITEQ, monitoring headlamp (follow spot) with lamp MSR575 / 2. With excellent quality chassis and 3 insulated handles, iris, black out, beam aperture 2 ° – 19 °, 4 color blades for mixing colors, brightness 15500 lux @ 5m.

Price: 100€

Laser Effects

Classic 2chromo plans laser + laser burst / firefly in one device! Features 40mW 532nm green and 200mW 450nm blue laser, LED display, internal programs and microphone. Operating modes: DMX (1 or 10 even.), auto, music, master / slave

Price: 30€

Bubble Machine – Bubble King

Engine output high power bubble, for medium and large venues

Price: 40€

2500 Equipment throwing rose petals

Use the church when the bride entrance, the first dance and for any other use.

Price: 250€

Contact us for the audio coverage of your event, making study of your space. Communication: 210 6897331