Our company guarantees the perfect music coverage for your child’s baptism with experienced

Baptism DJs

The first celebration and the greatest joy of your child after birth should be combined with a lot of fun.

Our DJ owns a wide collection of songs from all cultures and all ages to make sure the children and adults will have fun in the happy event.

What does the package for a Baptism DJ includes?

  • Experienced Baptism DJ
  • Sound and lighting equipment
  • Collection of favorite songs for young children and parents
  • Special effects, balloon bouquets

Baptism Equipment

Our company has the most modern audiovisual equipment offering you clean and quality sound, calm lighting, special effects and optical media (projector, Disco Lights, etc.). Also there is the possibility of live music from our orchestra that consists of four musical instruments and singer.

Song Selection

A few days before the event our DJ will discuss with you the musical choices of the event and will give you his own proposals.

Our DJ will adapt his music choices according to the evolution of the event in the likes of the guests so that the dance floor is never empty.

The most important success factor of the Baptism is the DJ!

The event ends when you like to or our Baptism DJ will continue to play music without stopping!

Call us for an appointment and the organization of the Baptism of your child

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